Born Anxious Charity Collaboration

Ivy Lace has had such huge success in the last year we feel its time to introduce Born Anxious to our platform a sensory clothing line created by an Autism Mum , the clothing is remarkable quality, organic fabric and label free and holds such powerful messages we simply had to collaborate with them to share the message of kindness and autism awareness. Whilst also raising money to an amazing autism awarness charity Anna Kennedy Online

Our collaboration brings you three designs one will be housed under the born anxious label and purchased via their link on our site and the other two will be Ivy Lace products using Born Anxious designs a full collaboration between two labels .

As the creator of Ivy Lace im so happy to be working with Born Anxious for many reasons , Autism awareness has always been close to my heart as an Autism Mum myself but this gives opportunity to have my own item and out my stamp on it working closely with another mum running an independent business as I do, both juggling and working for change through powerful clothing whilst raising money for charity.